With gratitude for 20 years of Friendship and Support!

Blessings of peace dearest Friends and Family,

On the Feast of the Transfiguration, August 6th 2002, the future of Sky Farm Hermitage was entrusted to our care. Twenty years have passed since we were asked to continue the eremitical life begun here by Fr Dunstan Morrissey—to share its gift of Silence and Solitude, as well as to maintain the Hermitages and the land.  In the early days we had no resources, so all that has been done speaks to the living goodness of God expressed through you. We celebrated this 20th Anniversary with a deep appreciation and awareness of how you have made it possible for Sky Farm Hermitage to continue its vocation these many years.

A special blessing arrived out of the blue on this day when a Hermit Sister sent a 1966 article about a newly formed Hermitage effort on Vancouver Island begun by Fr Jacques Winandy, O.S.B, along with our Fr Dunstan  and six others. It was the first sanctioned eremitical group in the Catholic Church since the French Revolution. It lasted five years and was the seed of Fr Dunstan’s pilgrimage to Sonoma. After some years, he was gifted with this land where he lived his life of solitary communion with God  for nearly 30 years and created Sky Farm Hermitage. His blessing on this day of celebration was very tangible and a reminder that Sky Farm continues this sacred tradition of silence and stillness.

Thank you for each note you have left over the years thanking us and sharing what a blessing the Hermitage is in your life. Thank you for your prayers, your support and for the gift of your friendship. As we give thanks for Fr Dunstan’s founding vision of Sky Farm in 1975, we again ask for your help with our Summer Fundraising efforts.  Every gift is greatly appreciated and is used entirely towards the improvement and maintenance of the buildings and property. 

Donations can be made by mail or online: www.skyfarm.org/donate. You can give monthly or annually or just as the Spirit moves you—and we hope you know how much you are part of this ongoing life. 

We ask special blessings for you and for your loved ones.

With joyful love,

Br Francis and Sr Michaela