Sky Farm Hermitage is an ideal setting for anyone seeking a retreat in silence and solitude in a quiet and sacred environment. This secluded place in the hills of Sonoma is quiet yet full of birdsong. Here the Spirit teaches the heart through silence. We hope that time spent here will nourish the call to contemplation that echoes deep in the cave of every human heart.

View photos, find out more about the Hermit Monkspersonal retreat and book your reservation. On the resource page learn more about the roots of solitude in sacred history.

It is difficult to imagine we begin yet another New Year with Covid precautions but we are open and taking basic precautions so we can continue to share the gift of Sky Farm. Thank you for your understanding and for helping us through with your generous extra Support .

Your Amazon shopping can generate donations too and we hope you will consider making Sky Farm your charity of choice.  smile.amazon.com/ch/68-0201334 .