Updates on the Fire

Sky Farm will reopen January 5th 2018.

Dearest Friends,

Now that we have been back a few weeks we wanted to give all of you an update on how things are going here at Sky Farm Hermitage.

We have gradually settled back into our rhythm here and peacefully focusing on the cleaning which needs to be done in each hermitage and refectory. We cleaned the Chapel the moment we arrived even before unloading our bags from the car!  Our builder and dear friend George had the water system which was burned running before our return , but there is still a section that was damaged which has to be replaced. The fence around the garden was also burned so that is also on his list of repairs.

The paint/tool shed that was burned and which also housed the lawn mower and 2 weed trimmers has to be removed by the County so it can be disposed of at the designated location so this will probably take several weeks before it is done.

There are also about 6 trees that fell during the fire which need to be cut and cleared so there is still some work ahead of us. We are hoping that most of this can be done before Advent so we will be able spend a few weeks in quiet prayer and retreat before Christmas.  

With all that needs to be done we have decided to remain closed until after the New Year and let Advent be a time of Sabbath where we remain in prayer for all who have lost everything and will be starting from scratch. It will give this beautiful but wounded land a time to heal, trees to be cut, and a stillness to return. This came to each of us in prayer that this is what is asked and so we are taking a leap of faith.

Our plan is to reopen on January  5th………the first weekend of the month. It is always a joy for us to be able to share the silence and stillness here with all those who come on retreat so we will look forward to greeting you once again during the New Year. We thank all of you for your loving support and prayers, and your many kindnesses and generosity which warmed our hearts during this unsettled time.

With our love and prayers as always,

Br. Francis  &  Sr. Michaela

November 11, 2017

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Dearest Friends,

Good news from Sky Farm + + +G eorge, our Guardian Angel, was has confirmed that the only thing we lost was a small paint shed  near the parking area which Sr Michaela never liked so she is delighted! Both our water tanks are also ok and still full of water………but the pipe line to the spring is burned and repairs have begun.

The fire came right up to the buildings where it was stopped by the hard work of the firemen……….as someone said, ‘the fire kissed the buildings!!’

The air is still thick with smoke and there is no word yet when the mandatory evacuation will be lifted for our area ………also no electricity yet either, but we are expecting that by the end of the month we should be back in our hermitages……..can’t wait, but so very thankful for this good news!

Thank you all for your prayers, support, and encouragement which has been very much appreciated…….we will keep you posted as we receive more news!

In Christ’s Peace and holding everyone in prayer,
          Br Francis and Sr Michaela

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Many of you have graciously asked to help and we welcome  your support as we recover and rise from the ashes of this fire.                

Many thanks to Marek Kaszuba for these great pictures.